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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Tent & Display Has Arrived

I came home yesterday to find these waiting for me.

I am psyched as I take the next steps with my jewelry business.  Last year I rented a tent from the Elkins Farmers Market, which saved me a boat load of money.  Plus one of the two glass displays at the WV Highlands Gallery was generously loaned to me.  I am grateful!

I spent a huge amount of time researching my outside tent shelter.   I had to take into consideration my budget, the clearance height, the weight of the tent and color.  I knew I wanted white, because it allows more natural light to come through to show my jewelry better to the public.  I debated on a brand x tent and quite frankly they appear to be built very well, but as I continued to do research I discovered they didn't have a high clearance height for easy entering the tent.  Some  E-Z Up tents have a lower price, but had a lower entry height clearance.  One of the sales representative said that the tall people could duck under and once under there was plenty of space.  Well, that didn't sit well with me.  I didn't want to put anything in the way of someone coming into my traveling shop.  I didn't want any type of hesitation.  So I spent another $30 for the 6' 9" clearance.

This E-Z Up is heavy.  That was not my goal and I had to think long and hard about lugging a 50 pound tent.  Sure there are wheels on the carrying case, but when it wanted to tilt to the side on it's roll to it's parking place, well I had to muscle it.  I'm planning on buying a new folding 4 wheeled cart to help me out, plus some tent weights to keep it in place during windy days, but that's a future budget.  I'll post a picture of my new traveling shop once it's up and in action, in the next month.

And here's the glass for my new display for WV Highlands Gallery.  There is a black wood base that is in a separate box in the first picture.  I'll be carting this up to the gallery in the next week or two.    Psyched!

Have a terrific day!



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    1. Hi Lori, It's terrific to see you here. Thank you for your encouragement. Now to build muscle to tot this tent around. :)


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