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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hair Jewelry

I'm always thinking about new designs and new ideas for things to make out of wire.  I say things, because I've stopped thinking 'just jewelry'.  I''ve been playing with a new idea (at least for me it's a new idea).  I've decided to give my hands ago at making hair barrettes.  It's a simple concept actually.  I just took some typical pendant or necklace links and enlarged and expanded on them.  I needed to use industrial strength wire so they will hold their shape.  Then I decided to use a small gauge wire to bind things together to add some additional stability.  Because I can't leave well enough alone, I got out my trusty hammer and gave them all a whack!  Some of them I have textured.  Then the typical bath in liver of sulphur, a few pieces of steel wool, my Dremel and then a trip to the photography studio.  (That would be the rail on the deck.)

Here's the first batch.  They are destined for the WV Highlands Gallery.  This will be their maiden voyage and pricing.  Time and customers will let me know if they sell and if the price is right.

The first piece is my favorite and I'm planning on making another just for me.   My sketch pad has many more designs and I'm hopeful they will be successful.  I think the tourist at the Elkins Farmers Market might find them interesting.  But the truth is there is no way for me to know if customers will buy them.  I just need to test them.  If not, then I'll be wearing them to keep my hair off my neck this summer.

Thank you for visiting.  I'll let you know how the public reponds to these.  Now I need to figure out a price.  Something is only worth what the customer will pay for it.  Hmmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking.


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