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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hair Jewelry

I'm always thinking about new designs and new ideas for things to make out of wire.  I say things, because I've stopped thinking 'just jewelry'.  I''ve been playing with a new idea (at least for me it's a new idea).  I've decided to give my hands ago at making hair barrettes.  It's a simple concept actually.  I just took some typical pendant or necklace links and enlarged and expanded on them.  I needed to use industrial strength wire so they will hold their shape.  Then I decided to use a small gauge wire to bind things together to add some additional stability.  Because I can't leave well enough alone, I got out my trusty hammer and gave them all a whack!  Some of them I have textured.  Then the typical bath in liver of sulphur, a few pieces of steel wool, my Dremel and then a trip to the photography studio.  (That would be the rail on the deck.)

Here's the first batch.  They are destined for the WV Highlands Gallery.  This will be their maiden voyage and pricing.  Time and customers will let me know if they sell and if the price is right.

The first piece is my favorite and I'm planning on making another just for me.   My sketch pad has many more designs and I'm hopeful they will be successful.  I think the tourist at the Elkins Farmers Market might find them interesting.  But the truth is there is no way for me to know if customers will buy them.  I just need to test them.  If not, then I'll be wearing them to keep my hair off my neck this summer.

Thank you for visiting.  I'll let you know how the public reponds to these.  Now I need to figure out a price.  Something is only worth what the customer will pay for it.  Hmmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Tent & Display Has Arrived

I came home yesterday to find these waiting for me.

I am psyched as I take the next steps with my jewelry business.  Last year I rented a tent from the Elkins Farmers Market, which saved me a boat load of money.  Plus one of the two glass displays at the WV Highlands Gallery was generously loaned to me.  I am grateful!

I spent a huge amount of time researching my outside tent shelter.   I had to take into consideration my budget, the clearance height, the weight of the tent and color.  I knew I wanted white, because it allows more natural light to come through to show my jewelry better to the public.  I debated on a brand x tent and quite frankly they appear to be built very well, but as I continued to do research I discovered they didn't have a high clearance height for easy entering the tent.  Some  E-Z Up tents have a lower price, but had a lower entry height clearance.  One of the sales representative said that the tall people could duck under and once under there was plenty of space.  Well, that didn't sit well with me.  I didn't want to put anything in the way of someone coming into my traveling shop.  I didn't want any type of hesitation.  So I spent another $30 for the 6' 9" clearance.

This E-Z Up is heavy.  That was not my goal and I had to think long and hard about lugging a 50 pound tent.  Sure there are wheels on the carrying case, but when it wanted to tilt to the side on it's roll to it's parking place, well I had to muscle it.  I'm planning on buying a new folding 4 wheeled cart to help me out, plus some tent weights to keep it in place during windy days, but that's a future budget.  I'll post a picture of my new traveling shop once it's up and in action, in the next month.

And here's the glass for my new display for WV Highlands Gallery.  There is a black wood base that is in a separate box in the first picture.  I'll be carting this up to the gallery in the next week or two.    Psyched!

Have a terrific day!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jewelry Display Idea

I was roaming the aisles of my local Walmart looking for a squeegee for cleaning my windows.  Windows are meant for looking out of and recently I thought there was a lot of fog outside. It turns out it's time for spring cleaning.  So there I was searching the shelves in the hardware and bathroom fixture area and I felt my pulse race and my adrenalin surge.  There in front of me was this perfect little table top shelf for a whopping $6.97.  I immediately knew it would be perfect on my fair table(s).  I love the idea that it takes my jewelery to different heights and it's the perfect size.  It's 8" W x 6" D x 12 3/4" H.  I'm thinking of lining the 3 baskets with a piece of fabric and then adding jewelry.  Since there were 2 for sale I, of course, grabbed both of them.  While I was in the check out line the lady behind me and the cashier both commented that they wanted one.  So I felt vindicated for my elaborate expense, errrr business expense.  If you think this item would be useful for your fair table it can also be found on the Walmart web-site item # 001144755
Thank you for reading and I hope I didn't bore you with this post, but I always love it when a jewelry blogger gives me display ideas.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Windy Day in the Life of.....

No one told me or wrote about some of the things that really happen to those of us who make and sell jewelry for a living.  No one told me about wind and lugging the cardboard boxes full of inventory down the mountain street in Davis, WV.  No one told me how funny I must have looked chasing - first a box flying down the road, then a display bust taking off like a kite, or the big truck that stopped in the middle of the road to let me catch and pick up my things or was he chuckling in amusement?  Would I trade this madness?  Nope!  As awkward as my windy Saturday was, it can be said I was not bored.  Perhaps a little frustrated.  Perhaps a lot embarrassed.  Perhaps a scene from a romance novel....now to find that leading man!

This pendant's first photo op.  Pendant: Copper, hand forged, antiqued with crystal. This design was adapted from a design by Linda Jones.

The pendant has it's second photo op in it's new home
at the WV Highlands Artisan Gallery in Davis, WV

I have finally made the investment into new necklace busts.  In the beginning, my budget was...well very, very, very small.  Over time I planned to upgrade from the flat lint catcher busts to the professional pleather dimensional busts.  I still need to buy a few more. but I'm almost there.  Here's the before and after pictures.

Displays with the flat lint catcher easel busts

Displays with the new dimensional busts

I'm in the process of ordering a new glass display case.  I can't wait.  It will hold a lot more jewelry.  I'll post the upgraded display once it's been installed.

Thank you for visiting.