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Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Ready for WV Highlands Gallery Event

A few words is about all the time I have to share with you.  I'm overwhelmed with a deadline for an exciting event.  WV Highlands Gallery is having a party and sale this Saturday to celebrate Presidents Day.  That means my shelves need to be full. 

Bracelet:  Copper, Antiqued with Crystals. I found this link tutorial in a book by Sharilyn Miller. 

I am looking forward to the party.  They are always fun.  I'm also one of the cookie bakers and have 4 dozen Snickerdoodles to bake.  I wonder where and who came up with the funny word Snickerdoodle?  This time of the year I take on a temporary job, from Jan through mid-April, in the local tax accounting office. I love it and all of the wonderful people I get to speak with, but it does cut into the time I have for preparing jewelry.  Not to worry, I just need to watch less television!

Here are a few of the new pieces that I've prepared for the event.  I don't usually post this many pictures in one blog.  I guess I could have broken it up into several post, but then again they are all related to the gallery.

Bracelet:  Silver Filled, and large Crazy Lace Agate.  'The Big and The Bold!'

Necklace:  Copper, Hand Forged, Antiqued.  This is a design by Linda Jones.

Earrings:  Copper, Hand Forged, Antiqued, to match the necklace.  This is a design by Linda Jones.

Bracelet:  Silver Filled, Herringbone Weave with Composite Stone.

Bracelet:  Copper, Antiqued with Composite Stone. 

Necklace:  Copper, Antiqued.

Bracelet:  Silver Filled, Silver Filigree and Blue Crystals

Earrings:  Copper, Antiqued with Glass Beads.  Design by Linda Jones.

Earrings:  Copper, Antiqued, Glass and Swarovski Crystals.  Design by Linda Jones.

Necklace:  Copper, Hand Forged, Antiqued Chain with 2 Filigree Copper Hearts safe inside the Locket.

Now, I get to take a break and maybe a bit of television.

Thank you for visiting.


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