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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Wire Link

I do my darnest to design a new wire link.  Sometimes I'm successful.  Sometimes I'm not.  I guess it's like writers block, only its wire block.  So that's when I re-read magazines and books in my jewelry library.  There are so many talented and creative jewelry artist and they are very generous with publishing their tutorials.

Cindy Wimmer has created a lovely necklace in sterling silver.  She has named 'Heart Strings Necklace'.  I found it in the January 2011 'Step by Step Wire Jewlery' magazine.  I'm certain that I've seen this necklace before, but for whatever reason it just wasn't the time for me to attempt.  It takes a lot of effort for me to 'let loose' and let the wire be a bit relaxed.  Even when it's absolutely beautiful.  How loose is loose enough?  It looks like I should be relaxed while making this link, but noooooooo I was uptight.  At first I didn't have any fun, but with time and practice, I kept making them, and making them, until I had enough links that passed my quality control standards.   This necklace was made with copper wire and painted glass beads.  It is adjustable in length from 18" to 20". 

Of course the public will be the real judge of whether I have achieved Cindy's technique, if or when it actually sells.  I guess the important things to remember is that I completed the necklace. 

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you have some love, fun and laughter.



  1. Linda, your necklace turned out absolutely beautiful!! How did I miss this post? I'm so glad you tried this one. It's funny, because just yesterday I took out the original necklace (the one in the magazine photos) and put it on a dress form in my studio. Then today - here is your version! It is perfect!

    1. Hi Cindy, Thank you for your compliment. I absolutely could not have done this project without your inspiration. I had a lot of fun watching myself want to make the links 'pefect'. In the end I learned relax with pliers.


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