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Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Cold Connections with a Cold

Even with a head cold, I can manage a pun!  The past several days have had me very non-productive and non-functional.  The dreaded winter cold took up residence in my head.  I try to be a good hostess.  I truly do, but this visitor was not invited.  I have served it with an eviction notice.  Today I felt a tad better, so I used my time to twist and turn some wire.  After taking the picture I can see a glaring imperfection!  Sooooooo, I guess this pendant is mine!  All mine!   I'll get the pliers out and tweak out the kink!  If the public seems to like it I'll make another, without the glaring kink and put it out there in sale land.

I found this design when I searched for Robin Dudley-Howes.  I had recently purchased her tutorial on a tube bead from  Fundametals.net  Since I fell in love with the tube bead I was certain that I would love all of her work and I was right.  When I saw the picture of her pendant I just had to attempt it.

Here's the earrings I made just for me from the tube bead tutorial.  I was feeling like a sicko at the time so I decided to insert affirmations into the tubes.  In the future I'll do something with flowers or more affirmations.


  1. Hey Linda, your pendant and earrings are fabulous. You sure know how to make PERFECT spirals!

  2. Hi Jeanette, Thank you. I know how much you love, love, love spirals. Linda


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