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Monday, November 28, 2011

Twisted Wire Earrings

Here are five new earring listings now in my on line shop.  As much as I absolutely love these I must admit they require a lot of time to make.  First I doubled up some wire and twisted it.  Then the twisted wire went around a mandrel.  Time in a bath of liver of sulphur, but more time removing the excess, etc.

These copper earrings are 2 5/8" long and are listed for $20 in my on line shop

These earrings are 2 5/8" long with Swarovski dangles are listed for $20 in my on line shop

My all time favorite stone is the Crazy Lace Agate.  These can be found in my on line shop for $20

I'm always fascinated how a different stone or crystal can have such a large design impact.

Clear Swarovski crystals are like diamonds and go with everything!  They are in my on line shop for $20

These have some extra Swarovski bling with Capri Blue crystals.  They can be found here for $20

I am seriously thinking about buying my antiqued copper ear wires in bulk.  They just take so long to make that I believe it would be less expensive to buy them.  It would certainly save me a lot of time. I've watched customers and listened as they look and purchase and I have never ever had someone make a remark about the hand made ear wires.  I really don't think they notice or care.  It seems like they are focused on the decorative component.  Sorta' like buying a car.  Folks look at the body of the car and not the tires. 

These earrings have been adapted from a design in Wire Style by Denise Peck, published by Interweave.  Her original design calls for sterling silver with a lovely blue bead.  You can find this book here.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope this addition made sense.  I'm a bit tired, but really wanted to get this post out to you.


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