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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 Necklaces 1 Influence

I have just completed 3 necklaces.  If you look closely they have a similar theme, a similar pattern, but yet I believe they all have different personalities.  I even think I could expand on this pattern and continue to create more personalities.

This necklace is accented with blue metallic crystals is now listed in my on-line store at Artyzenstudio.etsy.com

To begin a new jewelry project I need a new idea.  I have actually woken in the morning with what I think is an original idea.  I've even had an idea 'pop' into my consciousness while engaged in a mundane conversation.  I wish this happened all the time, but it doesn't.  New ideas, for me, require research and experimentation.

This necklace is accented with clear crystals and will be at WV Highlands Gallery

Often I have my face buried in a new jewelry publication.  When I have seemly memorized every book or magazine I find myself surfing the Internet.  I love looking at the creations on Flickr.  And I'm always thrilled when my Google search presents me with a jewelry artist that I hadn't seen or found before.  This is how I came across Zoraida Bros.  I immediately fell in love with her wire jewelry.

This necklace is accented with double spirals and will be at MountainMade

Making a duplicate of what we find in a book, magazine or from a wire artist web presence is (I think) typical of so many of us.  I want to see if I can do it.  I want to learn the technique.  But, claiming the original design as our own, well I don't think that's cool.  I personally think if the design is out there in public land, then its to learn from and enjoy the talent.  But if we use it to inspire our own creations, well we should put our own personal touch on it and it would be nice to acknowledge who was/is our inspirational artist.  I don't think there is anything legal that requires it, but it's nice.  When I worked in the corporate world and a co-worker had a great idea and their boss ran with it as their own, well that just wasn't nice. 

Each necklace starts with many components being made and sorted in my high tech ice cube tray.

So kudos to all the original jewelry creators out there and thank you for your inspiration.

All of the components are assembled in their raw copper form.

I started out by falling in love with Zoraida's necklace and wanted to see if I could make one for my personal use.  As my wire was cut and shaped my mind (yes, I talk to myself) said, 'why not change the spirals in the original design to the double spirals (I call them mother and child).  So I added my double spirals.  Then as I continued to think and have an inner dialogue I thought, 'what if I added crystals?' And so I did.  Since there was still time in the day I wanted to continue and asked "what if I incorporate crystals in between the links?  Well you can see from the pictures how the personalities of the necklaces differ

The necklaces are then oxidized in liver of suphur which turns them dark.  Then each link is polished to remove most of the oxidization to reveal the depth and shine of the metal below.

I've thought about using twisted wire, using silver and bronze wire, add pearls, hammer and texture the links, change the size of the links, use more than one type of wire, well the ideas and changes keep coming simply by asking and then doing, what if I changed......

Thank you for visiting.  I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  Linda

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