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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reality Check

When I would walk through the aisles of art and craft fairs, as a customer, it was so much fun.  Excitement filled me with what new treasures I would find.  The crowds of people would enhance my experience.  I so looked forward to the up coming events.  I would day dream about my future plans to be a vendor and exhibiting my jewelry creations.  Notice I am writting in the past tense and as a customer.

Just a few pendants that have been oxidized.  Now for the steel wool.

Fast forward to the present.  My goals are quickly unfolding.  I have done some smaller fairs and the experiences were pleasant.  Then I achieved my next goal for a large festival.  I submitted to the jury process and was accepted for the Autumn Glory Festival in Oakland, MD. 

My least favorite part is using the steel wool to remove the excess darkness.
Now for the reality check.  I don't mean to be a downer or complainer, but it's interesting how a dream doesn't have all the facts, simply because they aren't in my head - yet!  Since I didn't know how the crowds would respond to my wire jewelry I decided to make as much inventory as I could.  I knew that any extra jewelry would sell at either MountainMade Gallery or WV Highlands Gallery.  But still, I didn't have any numbers to relie on, so mass amounts were made.  This process was a new high in stress for me.  Rushing and making consumed my time.  I was intense.  Where was the fun? I asked myself.  My dreams of these events were filled with fun.  This certainly felt like work.  Not to mention all of the mental anquish I put myself through.  My friends who have years of experience tell me that it will get easier, but some of the stress will remain, just not as much stress.  I'm looking forward to it getting less tense. 

Getting there.  Now for the tumbler.
Yes, the event was successful.  Whew!  And the 2 days that followed were spent sleeping late and chill'n out.  In fact, I didn't touch my tools for a week.  Nor have I blogged.  Both of which I typically enjoy.  I was burned out.

The bottom line....My goals are to find a couple more galleries or shops.  Tamarack is high on my list.  I'll do some fairs in the future, but not as many as my initial goal. 

More pretties!  I enjoyed making these.  I love the colors!
Thank you for visiting.  It is my wish that you will achieve your goals and that happiness fills your days.

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