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Friday, September 23, 2011

Things 'They' Don't Tell You When You Decide To Sell Your Jewelry

Here's a bit of information that 'they' don't tell you when you decide to start selling your jewelry.  Once you have enjoyed the process of designing and making a piece of jewelry you 'aren't finished'.  Here's a short ugly and time intensive, not so much fun list of things I need to do before each piece of jewelry is ready for sale.

This is going to be boring...
  1. Clean the piece of jewelry
  2. Take at least one excellent picture
  3. Edit the picture to get rid of the extra space since I only want to see the piece of jewelry
  4. Apply an item number, write a description and enter each piece into my personal inventory data base (so I know what shop or gallery has the piece and if it sells I know to make more.  If it doesn't sell - lesson learned)
  5. Go get that picture and copy it into my inventory data base (this usually require me to crop the picture to fit.
  6. Attach a business card to each piece with the price, item number, and whatever else I think the shop needs.  I use a business card because it's an extra bit of marketing/advertising.
  7. Attach a removeable sticker with the item #, price and my last name to each business card (a gallery requirement, they need to peel and stick to something for their reference and it helps to get me paid)
  8. If the item is earrings, peel and stick the plastic hanging thingy to the back of the business card.
  9. if the earrings are for certain venues the earrings on the card need to go into a clear plastic baggie
  10. Prepare an inventory form (different from above) that has been supplied by the shop or gallery
  11. Wrap everything up
  12. Drive to the shop or gallery.  Get inventory form signed as a receipt.
  13. Bring signed receipt back to office and file it.
Look at the time and realize you've been doing admin things all day long.  I thought I quit my job so I wouldn't have to do this stuff.  Where's my secretary?

Thank you for reading along as I whined.  I really do love what I do, but sometimes, well you know, the paperwork can get ya'.


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