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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Jewelry Adventures in the Waiting Room

I've had a few interesting jewelry making encounters lately while sitting in the waiting room.  For the past couple of months I have been traveling with my niece to her dentist appointments at the School of Dentistry at Morgantown University.  She has several very long appointments scheduled.  The drive from our small town in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia to Morgantown, WV is 2 hours through some isolated forest and yes, mountains and there isn't always cell phone service.  It's a good idea to travel with a friend.

Have tools will travel.  Carrying a tool bag with me, most of the time, does create some staring.
While waiting for my niece I use the time to cut and spiral wire.  I'm getting use to the staring, but recently I was approached twice by lovely ladies with their curiosity and smiles.  As we spoke they shared with me what they create, from quilts to crochet.  What a  wonderful way to meet and share creativity with new friends.

Inside my tool bag there is usually a book or magazine.  Today it's all about art business.
I've learned that I need to have a completed project with me so I can show them how the wire link I am making will look in a final piece of jewelry.  It can be hard to imagine a piece of wire and a bare crystal as a finished herringbone weave bead cap earring.

Under the book are some yummy crystals.
I'll be making several more trips with my niece, Brandy.  But, my unexpected demonstrations in the waiting room will have the finished product with to me.  And should they seem interested, my business card will be handy so they can look at the pictures of my jewelry in the gallery section of my blog.

Here's the finish project that I didn't have in the tool bag this time.

Also in my tool bag is my must have wire.  The wire in the clear cosmetic bag is pre-measured and pre-flush-cut and ready to wrap.  The zip lock bag has some jump rings to be cut for inventory.
I love meeting new people.  Who would have thought that a waiting room would be a fun adventure and experience.

The most important part of my tool bag is of course the tools and my visor.
Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my adventures.

Have a wonderful and prosperous day,


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