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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bad Wire Choice

I started the day in the studio with a feeling of accomplishment as I coiled wire for a new pendant design that was inside my head.  I found some 'silver' 20 gauge wire and coiled it around a 2mm mandrel in 3" lengths.  I had decided to make 7 similar pendants to fill my inventory.  Once the wire coiled frames were completed I thought they looked dingy and decided they deserved some time in the tumbler to work harden and to polish.  When I  took them out of the tumbler I thought they had a strange color, but told myself it was the lighting in the kitchen.  So I took them to another light.  Still the strange color.  Some emotional discomfort was building inside me.  In one last attempt to see better, I took them outside in the natural light.  Blah! Grrr! Awgh!

The coils on the right are made with the correct, pretty silver wire.  The coiled frames on the left were made with craft wire that I had accidentally used.  The craft wire is now in the box marked 'give away'.  Most likely to the art classroom of the local school.  The coils with the bad wire were dismantled because the core wire and the bails were made with the correct wire.

Here's the final pendant.  I was outside in the rain taking this. So there are rain drops in the picture, plus I didn't take the time to straighten the crystals and the lighting wasn't the best.  That lovely round rose Swarovski crystal should be pointing south and not west.

After all this drama with this pendant I'm not totally happy with it.  It needs something else.  It looks a bit wimpy to me.  Maybe I'll wrap some wire over the coil.  Or add a piece off yarn or ribbon at the top near the bail. But I'll wait until my frustration passes and take another look before I make a final decision.

Thank you for visiting and for your patience as I have expressed a not so successful day in the studio.  Tomorrow will be better!  Linda

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