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Monday, August 15, 2011

I Love The Hardware Store

I've been looking at all of the wonderful jewelry being created from hardware.  I love the industrial look and the interesting pieces that can be found at the hardware store.  The various sizes and different metals called my name.  The washers seem to have been design perfectly to be used as links or focal points.


About a month ago I made a bracelet and earrings from copper washers.  Perhaps those jewelry pieces have been in my mind working away toward another design. Today I was 'driven' to make a pendant from a washer.  I needed a certain size and my stash only had it in the steel (silverish color), but my wire stash is low on silver in 20 gauge.  I felt frustrated.  Then the light bulb went off 'I could mix my metals'.  This certainly isn't a new idea, but for some reason I had blocked this from my brain matter.  So out came the copper wire to wrap and hold some Crazy Lace Agate beads.  Then I decided to antique the pendant.  I wasn't sure what result I'd get on the steel washer, or even if the project would look pleasing.  Turns out the steel washer remained unchanged.  I'm pleased with the final design.  Since this is the first or draft I can see where I want to 'tweak' areas for future washer pendants.  The truth is telling when it sells or how long it's on display before it sells.

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