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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Accident

Happiness is finding out that your newly made twisted wire fits into the pretty pink crystals.  I was making some twisted wire for jump rings and thought it would be nice if the links on my pink crystals could be made of twisted wire to match the jump rings.  I really wasn't hopeful, but took the chance to see if the wire would fit and whoa la'....happy dance time!

Here's a trivia question and answer for you about wire....If you twist 2 strands of 22 gauge wire together what is the gauge of the newly twisted wire?  Now I thought, being the retired accountant, that 2 times 22 would result in an 11 gauge wire.  But, nooooo.  It turns out to be 16 gauge.  How and why?  Haven't a clue.  Perhaps there's a chart out there in wire land, but I haven't found it yet.

Now back to my pink crystals.  I went on making a pink crystal bracelet from the twisted wire and jump rings.  Another moment of happiness when I found a pink Swarovski crystal in my stash for a charm to match.

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