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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Learning To Use The Jewelers Saw

Hoo!  Hoo!  Today, I finally learned to use the jewelers saw.  I've had this saw in my tool cabinet for, hmmm, years.  I've watched many videos on You Tube.  Today, I finally mustered up the nerve to use it.  I needed to make some jump rings for a bronze bracelet that is in production.  In the past I would make my jump rings by cutting them with a flush cutter.  Since this piece is destined for a gallery, I thought I'd step it up a notch.

New blades in the plastic bag on the left, the blade lube to help the blade glide, under the saw are some broken blades that I made during my learning curve and then those beautiful jump rings.
At first there was some frustration.  It was slow going.  I even thought I'd put down the saw and pick up my cutters, because it would be faster.  And quite frankly the cutters do a really good job.  But I kept at it.  I was relentless with my determination to learn.  There were several saw blades that broke in the learning curve.  At one point I thought it just wasn't worth the effort since nothing was cutting.  Turns out there's a right side and a wrong side to the blades. DAH!  Then there's the direction of the teeth on the blades. DAH!  Once I got the presser to use under control to eliminate the breaking of the blades I was on my way.  With each jump ring that was successfully cut I would feel so much success and drive to do more.  I am pretty sure that the process will get faster as my experience improves. The final jump rings look very professional.

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