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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homemade Art & Craft Tent Weights

Yesterday was a new experience for me at the Elkins Farmers Market in several ways. First I needed to set my tent up in a different location and this required me to flip my design from left to right to right to left.  Plus, I used the new corner cabinet for the first time.  The corner cabinet really worked to attract people and have them take a peak inside the little suitcase where I sell inexpensive earrings.

Before the winds came
While I was setting out my jewelry I noticed that the clasps on most of my anklets had developed tarnish.  This happened in one weeks time and while my jewelry was safely stored in a jewelry carrying case.  Each tray has an active piece of anti-tarnish paper.  Since the tarnish was isolated to just these lobster clasps, I'm thinking they are defective.  The good news is the tarnish came right off with tarnish remover.

Toward the later part of the event a big black cloud loomed overhead with a nice gentle breeze.  I loved the breeze and hoped the cloud wouldn't release it's water on the market.  My hope failed.  The droplets began slowly and the gentle breeze transformed into wind.  I mentioned in an earlier post how silly we all look when the wind gusts.  Imagine if you will, all of the vendors with one arm extended into the air so our hands can hold onto our tents to keep it from taking flight.  All awhile we are smiling and chatting to our customers.  How do you express this in professional language on your resume'?  Gone are my days as an accountant and now I play a tent anchor who also sells jewelry.  I did learn from some nice man who appeared entertained by my new talents, how to weigh the tent down.  He said to take empty coffee cans, fill them with Sacrete or Quikete and before it dries insert a large eye bolt into the center.  Then take a rope over the tent frame and attach each end to these weights.  He said to do this at each corner of the tent.  Of course I immediately began to think how I would decorate the cans!

Since my conversation with this kind man I have done a bit of research on line.  I found Art Fair Insiders a great site for artfair folks.  Here's their link with detailed pictures and descriptions to make tent weights.  This site uses pvc pipe instead of coffee cans.  I think the pvc will look more attractive than the coffee cans.  I've heard that the hardware store will cut the pvc pipe to the size you need.

Source:  Art Fair Insiders

Source:  Air Fair Insides

Source:  Art Fair Insiders
Source:  Art Fair Insiders
Source:  Art Fair Insiders


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