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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Display Setup

This morning I looked at this box and thought 'I hope everything is in there'.  This box seemed so small considering I had my inventory in here for my display at WV Highlands Gallery.

I was scheduled to meet John and Titi Ferguson at 10 AM to help setup the glass displays that would be housing my jewelry.   They have graciously offered to lend me these displays until my budget permits me to purchase my own. I'm thinking I'll have my own display furniture in less than 2 months.    So John assembled and moved furniture and got it ready for my jewelry.  I then had to tag each piece and decide how I wanted each item displayed.  I'll be going back next week because there are a few more shelf displays and some more jewelry that need to be added.  Here are a some pictures of the shelves at what I'd consider 85% completed.  Just in time for the 4th of July shoppers.

This view is from the front looking toward the back of the gallery.  There's Donall McCoy a watercolor artist behind the counter.
Right now I'm using a round display and a cube tower.  My permanent display will be 4 cubes wide and 4 cubes high, plus I'll have a black pedestal to the side that will have an earring rack.

This view is from the back toward the front of the gallery.  There are a few customers shopping (happy dance).

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