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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Booth Setup and Changes

If you have been following along you may have read and noticed how my tent at the Elkins Farmers Market has been changing.  Last week I decided to connect my two tables into one L shaped display counter and I added the tall louver door.  The louver door is secured to my table legs with black bungee cords and the shorter shutter louvers are attached to the wooden crates with plastic electrical ties.

The right corner is the perfect place for my new treasure
I was seeking opinions and ideas and Don suggested that I add a small table to the right front area.  So my mind started to reel and I began a search on line.  But this didn't provide what I wanted.  During my errands I stopped at the local thrift store.  I mentioned to the owner that I was looking for a piece like this....and I pointed to one of her displays.  To my delight she said it was for sale for a whopping $7.  I claimed it immediately and placed my new treasure in the back of my vehicle.  It is the perfect size and just a bit taller than a table, so it's ideal for me to do demos or to use for writing up sales.  On the way home I stopped and bought some black paint so it will match my other displays.  Right now it's outside drying.  I'll take a picture for you as soon as it's complete.  In the meantime I'm sure that your active and creative imaginations can see how it is going to be perfect. 

A few cans of black spray paint will magically transform my find

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