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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing With Glue

I've been experimenting with the glue gun. I need more practice. The stuff is all over my fingers as I type. I had the setting on high and next time it will be on low, the hazards of being ambitious.

I have wanted to make a brooch or brooches for a while. I have several ideas and none of them include wire. As much as I tried I could create a feminine brooch from wire. I really want it to say girly girl, sassy and fun.  This is made from some silk and glue, then I added feathers and glue, finally I took an earring finding apart and used the chain and glue.  I covered this glue extravaganza on the back with felt and attached a pin with you guessed it glue.

This is the first one and I can see where I want to improve and change it. I like it. I hope I'm not blinded by my personal opinion. I think it will be pretty on a hat. Maybe use it to bring the front of a big brimmed hat up, or on a baseball hat on a bad hair day.

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