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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anklets, Anklets, Anklets!

I've had more than a few people ask me for anklets.  I really had never given it any thought.  I don't know why, just haven't.  Then a friend reminded me that it's summer (well, almost) and that means toesies showing and sandal wearing, so people want to decorate their ankles.

So I sat down and made a few classic style anklets.  My thoughts were that classics are pretty straight forward, they have that light, breezy and a little flirty personality,  This style or design has been around for a while for a reason, it's lightweight, so there's no heaviness on the ankles.

Let's imagine an anklet on our feet.  Our shoes tossed to the side and walking along the edge of the water.

Miracle Beads ~ Listed in my on line shop for $15

Cats' Eye Beads
Fresh Water Pearls flanked with Clear Crystals

Fresh Water Pearls and Pewter ~Listed in my on line shop for $15
Miracle Beads ~ Listed in my on line shop for $15

Cloisonne' beads

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