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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Perfect Day Here In The Mountains

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day.  I was scheduled to participate, in the Tucker County ArtSpring event, as a demonstrator at Mountain Made.  After I loaded my tools and project materials into my vehicle I drove up, up, up the mountain.  My sun roof was open and  I had the volume turned way up listening toVan Morrison on my CD player.  The sun was out and a breeze was blowing.  It was everything I could hope for.

Here are some of the beads that were made yesterday, along with some more from today
 Once at Mountain Made I shared a space with Heidi.  She works at Mountain Made,  but on this day she had her art apron on and was throwing mud on the wheel.  As visitors came into the gallery they followed the sign to see us hard at work...err...hard at laughing.  What a great time we had.  The visitors came from all places near and far.  There was a photography club from Louden County, VA, very near to the home I recently moved.  Later there was a motorcycle club that came from Ohio on their Honda Gold Wings.  We chatted with our visitors and laughed together.  I'd repeat this day again and again.

Heidi and I didn't get as much done as we had both expected, but we did many demos and encouraged people to experience the joy of the arts either as a hobby or a profession.

Today, I made a few more of the wrapped beads that will soon become a bracelet or more

Rose Pink Herringbone Weave Bracelet

I finished the bracelet that was started the other day when I was doing wire demos at Mountain Made.  It is now listed in my on line shop

Rose Pink Herringbone Weave Bracelet $35.00 at my shop
I hand weaved wire around each bead in a herringbone pattern forming a frame around each bead.  The beads are chalk turquoise chips and magnesite mosaic.  All of the framed beads have been linked together with double jump rings for a secure and interesting design.   Several double jump rings form an extender connector chain on the end.  This allows this bracelet to be adjustable in size to fit a 7 inch to an 8 ½ inch wrist. The lobster clasp allows the wearer to connect to any of the jump rings for a secure attachment.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pendants From My Studio

I'm gettting ready for tomorrow's farmers market and needed to add some more pendants.  I have listed one to my on line store, but the rest are going with me in the morning.  I thought I'd share some pictures.  I do love the herringbone weave.  As I write this I realise that I will make a herringbone weave bracelet later this week.  I'll post it when I have it completed.

Herringbone Weave Pendant in my on line store for $18.00
  Below are going to the market tomorrow.
Pendant: Silver Jewelers Wire and Polymer Clay

Pendant: Silver Jewelers Wire and Polymer Clay

Pendant: Silver Jewelers Wire and Polymer Clay

Pendant: Silver Jewelers Wire and Glass Bead 

Pendant: Silver Jewelers Wire and Glass Bead

Pendant: Silver Jewelers Wire and Polymer Clay

Add captionPendant: Silver Jewelers Wire and Polymer Clay

Monday, May 23, 2011

Confronting the Cowardly Lion

Well I did it!  Finally, after months of procrastination.  The application has been completed and submitted to the West Virginia Highlands Gallery.  This morning the paperwork was completed, scanned into the laptop and submitted, along with 8 pictures of wire jewelry pieces.  The application fee has been written and the stamps are on the envelope.  Now, some of you many wonder what the big deal is.  Some who know me and my compulsion to complete a task may be scratching your head.  It's not typical of me to postpone or procrastinate.  But, I did.  Inside me I found the cowardly lion.  That part of me that has a fear of rejection.  I could write volumns on my emotional roller coaster, but I'll let you use your imagination.

This is how I felt before I completed the application

This is how I feel now that the application is submitted
Here's a peak at the pieces I've submitted.

Bracelet: Bronze Wire and Swarovski Crystals

Earrings:  Antiqued Copper Wire and Crystals

Earrings:  Copper Wire

Necklace:  Copper Wire and Fresh Water Pearls

Pendant:  Copper Wire (adapted brooch design by Sharilyn Miller)

Pendant:  Silver Wire and Swarovski Crystal

Bracelet:  Antiqued Copper Wire (adapted from class taught by Jeanette Blix)

Bracelet:  Bronze Wire (adapted design by Sharilyn Miller)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anklets, Anklets, Anklets!

I've had more than a few people ask me for anklets.  I really had never given it any thought.  I don't know why, just haven't.  Then a friend reminded me that it's summer (well, almost) and that means toesies showing and sandal wearing, so people want to decorate their ankles.

So I sat down and made a few classic style anklets.  My thoughts were that classics are pretty straight forward, they have that light, breezy and a little flirty personality,  This style or design has been around for a while for a reason, it's lightweight, so there's no heaviness on the ankles.

Let's imagine an anklet on our feet.  Our shoes tossed to the side and walking along the edge of the water.

Miracle Beads ~ Listed in my on line shop for $15

Cats' Eye Beads
Fresh Water Pearls flanked with Clear Crystals

Fresh Water Pearls and Pewter ~Listed in my on line shop for $15
Miracle Beads ~ Listed in my on line shop for $15

Cloisonne' beads

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing With Glue

I've been experimenting with the glue gun. I need more practice. The stuff is all over my fingers as I type. I had the setting on high and next time it will be on low, the hazards of being ambitious.

I have wanted to make a brooch or brooches for a while. I have several ideas and none of them include wire. As much as I tried I could create a feminine brooch from wire. I really want it to say girly girl, sassy and fun.  This is made from some silk and glue, then I added feathers and glue, finally I took an earring finding apart and used the chain and glue.  I covered this glue extravaganza on the back with felt and attached a pin with you guessed it glue.

This is the first one and I can see where I want to improve and change it. I like it. I hope I'm not blinded by my personal opinion. I think it will be pretty on a hat. Maybe use it to bring the front of a big brimmed hat up, or on a baseball hat on a bad hair day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Coupons For Etsy Shop

Yippee!  I can now offer coupons for my on line shop listings.  This will make us all happy.  If you have a shop on Etsy there is a detailed article on their blog titled 'Tech Update: Coupon Codes for Your Etsy Shop' dated November 22, 2010.  I'm embarrassed!  Why has it taken me 7 months to find out about this wonderful new Etsy feature?
I have been restocking my on line shop and have noticed some new features and decided I should check them out.  That's when I stumbled across the coupon feature.  When you go to 'Your Account' in the upper right corner of your page, a drop down menu appears.  There at the bottom is 'Coupon Codes'.
As soon as my on line shop has been restocked I'll be offering a whooper dozee discount to announce the grand new reopening.  It won't be a wimpy coupon either.  After all it's a celebration.  All of this will be happening soon. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

E-Z UP Tent On Sale

This picture shows the rain guard up, but it can come down to help protect your jewelry from rain.

I was at Sam's Club in Clarksburg, WV yesterday and they have white E-Z UP tents for $199.00.  It's 10' x 10' and comes with sides and a rain visor thingy (I don't know the actual term).  This model is also on Amazon for $249.00.  But if you go to Sam's Club you can see it and touch it and also save some money. If you don't have a Sam's membership they usually will give you a free pass for the day.  I haven't bought this tent yet since it's not budgeted until next week.  I can't personally vouch for it, but it looks like it will serve the purpose for starting an outdoor business.  Do your homework before you make a purchase.  If you read my last blog from the Elkins Farmers Market you'll read how the wind can take your tent for a trip to OZ.  However, I think this tent will serve me for a while.  I'm posting a couple of pictures so you'll have an idea of what's being sold at Sam's Club. (note: they sell a different brand on line for more money.)
I don't know the vendor because I did a search for this picture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Perfect Day At The Market

It's been 2 days since the Elkins Farmers Market at the Train Depot.  It's taken me this long to get back into the groove. Sunday I did absolutely nothing and I thought today was tomorrow.  I am so relieved because I thought I lost a day.  Ever do that!?

The market was perfect!  I loved every moment of it.  Even when the gust of wind kocked some of my displays down, and then did it again.  It was toward the end of the event so if it's going to happen that was the time.  There were a few times when a lot of the farmers and artisans were standing with one hand holding down their tents.  Apparently this is normal.  The market is in the paved courtyard of the train station so there is no way to anchor the tent legs into the ground. So I'll be redesigning my jewelry displays.  I have a few heavy duty displays that I'll bring next time.  I was trying to avoid lugging them around, but a gals gotta' do what a gals gotta' do.  My signage needs to be completed so it can be displayed.  I'm hoping that it will be ready soon.  The picture frame signage likes to pretend it's a kite.  I'm questioning whether I should bring my bi-fold louver door.  I use it for hanging earrings.  I'm afraid it might catch too much wind, but then again, if I secure it to the table legs....hmmm.  I'll post a picture of the wind resistant booth very soon.  One last note, the table to the left didn't have bed risers under the legs, that let my table drapes hang too long.  That's already been resolved for next week with a short trip to K-Mart.

Some of the guests were locals and many were tourist who come from all over the States to ride the train.  Now lets talk about the train whisle.  It's LOUD!  I guess because the train is so BIG!  It goes off to announce loading or perhaps last call.  But, there is no warning.  So when it honked both of my feet left the ground.  I couldn't have jumped that high if I tried.  I wonder if I'm going to be as startled next Saturday.

The above picture is the Americorp tent.  They were helping children build bird houses and the Division of Forestry were handing out red spruce saplings.  .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Ready For The Farmers Market

If you've been following along you may know that I was juried and accepted into the Elkins Farmers Market.  This coming Saturday is the start of the season and I've been busy getting things ready.  I've done a practice setup of my booth and arranged and re-arranged the displays.  The inventory is all labeled with my logo tags and prices. And the table covers are washed and ready.

I thought it would be fun to add some theme veggie earrings.  So my order from the Golden Hissing Monkey on Etsy, arrived and I've finished all the behind the scene things on my to do list.  After placing the order, checking it in; make the earrings; taking pictures; edit pictures; doing the math to make sure they are priced correctly; added them to my inventory data base.  Yes, these are the very boring parts of the very fun job of making jewelry.  These are the things you don't read about perhaps because this stuff is so Zzzzzzz oh, I think I dozed off.

Here are the latest earring cuties.  Not a lot of wire creativity, but a whole lot of fun.

Check out the back of the cans. There's a bar code and nutritional info.  Cute!

Thank you for reading along ~ Linda