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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Soap Queen Sent Me A Surprise

I went to the mailbox to gather the days mail and was surprised to find a box.  A heavy box.  I had expected a package from one of my friends on Etsy, but certainly it wasn't going to be this large or heavy.  Once I looked at the return address I was quickly reminded...I had won a 'Play It Forward' from my friend Cheryl Taylor.

Boy, oh boy, is she ever generous.  Seven delicious bars of homemade soap.  All sorts of luscious fragrances.  I can't wait to use them.  I'll put a bar in the guest bathroom and a bar on the kitchen sink and the rest will be for my spa days.  You know...hot water, nice music, fragrant soap and a jewelry magazine.  Breathe!
Cheryl has been exploring different creative outlets.  It looks like she's hit a homerun with homemade soap making.  I first met Cheryl when she attended jewelry classes in my studio, when I was in Reston, VA.

Cheryl has named her biz 'Bare Naked Soaps'.  I think her logo is adorable!  She is planning on opening a web-site and a shop on Etsy.   She tells me that the soap needs to cure before it's ready to sell.  Plus, I've been reading her posts on Facebook and she has received a lot of specialty molds, so the soap will not only smell beautiful, but it will look amazing.  I can't wait for her shop to open. Everyone will love it.

Since I won 'Play It Forward' I'll be doing some give aways here in the very near future.  Get ready to play and win!

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