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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Simple Decisions Seem To Be The Hardest

My brain is packed with so many details about this weekends fair.  I need more RAM!  Today I couldn't decide on which chain or cord to use for some of my pendants.  One of my problems is having too many choices.  I opened 2 drawers of cords and the big plastic bin of chains.  My first mistake! Now which one is the best?  I finally narrowed it down to three choices.  Do any of these speak to you?  Your opinion is so appreciated.  I really need to stop thinking so much.

1 comment:

  1. Linda, I hope your big craft fair was a success and a lot of fun! I thought of you over the weekend. Sure wish I was close enough to drop in to see you!
    Your new pendant is really pretty... I prefer the silver chain or the black to contrast with the blue. Which one did you decide on?


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda