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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shower Power

Last summer I found this wooden bi-fold door at my neighbors yard sale for a whopping $3.  I was walking Sadie, when we noticed the yard sale.  A giant magnet inside of me drew me into the yard, where I found this treasure.  I had seen louver doors used at many art and craft fairs to display jewelry.  I asked her to hold it for me while I went home for some money.  At home I opened my quart size mason jar that is filled with change, borrowed some coins and went back to the yard sale to claim my treasure. 

The Treasure
It needs to be cleaned before I can paint it.  My original idea was to take it outside and use the garden hose, but the weather is too cold.  So, on to plan B.  I decided that my shower would work just fine and it would be warmer.

The Tool
Here's a lesson learned about taking a picture, while standing inside the shower with the curtain close, so water stayed put.

How to make fog
So, let's try this again.  this time with the shower curtain open, the exhaust fan running and the bathroom door open.
Rinse, Wash and Repeat
Once it is completely dry it will be spray painted with some matte black paint.  This must be done outside, so I'm hoping for a warm dry day in the very near future, because I want to use this during the fair that is scheduled for this coming Saturday.


  1. Linda, your old bi-fold door was a GREAT find and such a steal! And what a great idea to wash it off in the shower - seems like the easy way to do it. I hope it's drying up so you can paint it in time for the fair!

  2. Hi Cindy, As I write, the bi-fold door is outside in the sunshine. The final coat of black paint has been sprayed and now the paint is drying.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda