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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Persistance Leads To Success

Here's my new beauty.   It feels wonderful on the wrist and it looks fabulous.  I'll be submitting this piece to WV Highlands Gallery for the upcoming jury process.

Bracelet:  Bronze wire

As much as I truly love wire work there are times when I get stumped.  This bracelet has finally been completed.  It took me hours and hours.  At first glance I thought it should be easy and a breeze. But my mind and my hands needed to get in sinc.  There was some fumbling, lots of frustration, and the process took way too long.  I worked through the annoyance of attaching the links.  I have a huge respect for chain maille artist.

Source: www.thephotozoo.etsy.com

The selling price of a piece of handcrafted wire jewelry is calculated based on the actual materials and then the time involved and any overhead costs.  If it takes a lot of time to complete then the selling price gets expensive.  At some point I must ask myself if this piece is actually worth the price of my investment.  I know from experience that the next one I make will take less time and the 3rd one will be even quicker.  This is when the sales price becomes fair and reasonable.

I think I heard a gasp when I wrote I would make another one and then a 3rd.  There are those that think each piece should be unique and one of a kind.  I have to admit I like that idea.  But truth be told in some cases it would just cost to much, because of that dang learning curve involved with certain techniques.

This bracelet was adapted from 'Wire Art Jewelry' by Sharilyn Miller  and published by Interweave Press.  I made several changes to the design, including the type and gauge of wire.

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  1. Linda, your bracelet is a show-stopper! I can totally appreciate the time it took to create this beauty. It looks fabulous. Congrats on the Elkins Market!

  2. Cindy, You are wonderful! Thank you so very much.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda