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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Loving Etsy

I've had my Etsy shop open for quite some time and have made many new friends all over the world.  Some because they have bought jewelry from my Etsy shop and others because I have bought from their Etsy shops.  Recently, Etsy opened up another opportunity for me, as a networking tool.  Who would have thought? 

The owner of a mortar and brick gift and jewelry shop found my Etsy shop on line.  She has invited me to sell my jewelry in her shop.  She found me!  So, for all of the creative readers out there in the cottage industry, stay patient and be persistent, because you never know who is looking at your creations.  Get your creations out there, so they can be seen!

Picture Source:  www.facebook.com/etsy

I am thrilled and amazed at how things fall into place at exactly the right time and the right place. - Linda

Picture Source:  www.facebook.com/etsy

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