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Friday, April 15, 2011

Happiness Is Having A BFF

This week I have been recouping from last Saturdays fair.  It took the wind out of my sails.  I had a remarkable time, yet emotional.  The day before I felt nervous about getting everything together and the worry that I might forget something important.  Yes, I have a check list, but that didn't stop me from fretting.  The next morning was filled with anxiety.  Why?  No reason, I just did.  On the way I stopped by the Heritage House to see if  they needed any help.  These professionals were all set.  We set out in a convoy of 4 vehicles traveling the mountain road of Route #219 to Elkins, WV.

My display
As we pulled into the parking lot, there was an immediate flurry of activity as vehicles were unloaded, hand trucks and carts were loaded.  There were looks from the locals with the 'what are they doing?' expression on their faces.  In the event room there was high energy as everyone scurried to setup their area in time for the doors to open for the public.

I met so many lovely people.  Some very familiar faces and a lot of new friends.  The bestest, bestest thing happened.  I was completely surprised!  There I was face to face with a lovely lady.  I smiled and said 'Hi, let me know if you need any help.'  The lovely lady said 'I'm selling something!' I said, 'You are?  What are you selling?"  Lovely lady "I'm selling friendship."  My mind raced.  Who is she?  I must know her.  I've met so many people since I moved here.  I don't want to be rude.  Who is she?  She said 'Don't you recognized me?"  My mind continued to race.  Then another voice, standing to the side said "Well, do you recognized me?"  I turned and there before me was Diane, my dearest and longest friend that I hadn't seen since 1994!!!!  My heart beat faster, my eyes filled, I was overwhelmed!  I almost cried (and feeling it again as I write).  We embraced.  We laughed! We couldn't stop talking!  The lovely lady is Sandy, her sister, who I hadn't seen since about the 1970's.  Diane and I have been friends since 8th grade and I ain't a spring chicken.

Diane brought me daisies.  She remembered that I had decorated my kitchen with them in 1970. Awwww.
Without getting too long winded, Diane and her husband Roy moved to another county in West Virginia a few years ago.  How weird was it that we both started out in Anna Arundel County, MD and both moved here?  Really weird!  I sent out an invite announcement about the fair on Facebook.  I really didn't expect a long lost friend to drive 3 hours.  But, truth is stranger than fiction!  And best friends are really BFF.  We need tee shirts!

BFF Me with Diane

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  1. What a special moment... thanks for sharing it. How wonderful that you have re-connected; life sure can take you by surprise.


Thank you for your kind words. I'll answer any of your questions very soon. Linda