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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heritage House at the Depot

Everything in my jewelry world is happening at a quick pace.  I must say that I am very grateful.  My jewelry has found another home at the Heritage House, which is located in a restored train station.   It all started a few months ago when I was very nervous and drove to their shop to discuss the possibility of their selling my jewelry.  Nervous, nervous, nervous.  I drove the 2 mile trip that felt like a 100 miles filled with anxiety.  I parked, check the mirror to make sure my lipstick was on my mouth and not my teeth, combed my hair, did as much as possible to delay getting out of my vehicle.  Finally, I ran out of delays and went up to the door.  It wouldn't open!  I was embarrassed.  Perhaps I forgot how to actually turn the handle.  I attempted again and was now convinced that it wasn't my inability to open the door, because the sign clearly said 'closed on Wednesday's' Dah! Another blond moment!  Yes, I had a feeling of relief.  They are closed, I can't be rejected!  But, I knew I needed to get beyond this fear if I had any intentions of making a living from my jewelry.  So, after a few self imposed delays, after a few weeks I went back and was accepted.  There! I said to myself, see that wasn't hard.

I took this picture of Heritage House during a huge snow storm, brrrrr
After a few discussions in person and on the telephone I have delivered my jewelry and they are on display.  There is some paperwork that I needed to complete, an inventory sheet and each piece needed to have a tag completed with an item number assigned, that matches the inventory sheet.   These folks are very well organized and have a price sheet to work from that basically says how much the item will sell for, how much the artist will received and the rest goes to them for doing the selling.  Their rate sheet is not the typical percentage split, so I needed to put my thinking cap on, so this process took me a bit of time.  I only had time to put out about 12 of my pieces before the shop was getting ready to close.  I bought the paperwork home so I can finish tagging the rest of the pieces and will return tomorrow to finish filling up my space.  They are being very generous and allowing me to display on 2 shelves that are about 4 feet long each.  Again, I am grateful.

Earrings:  Copper and Crystal
The Heritage House gets a lot of tourist traffic, beginning in March.  So I need to load them up, so we all win.  Since I'm new to this region I really didn't know that the tourist start to visit so early, now I need to really get into gear because there are a few other galleries and gift shops that I have on my list.  I really need to get moving to be ready for those lovely visitors.  This is all part of my business plan, but now that it's happening I'm a bit shocked.  It's one thing to dream about something, but its a new level of excitement when it starts to happen.  So setting aside my stable accounting job and jumping into the deep end of the pool is scary, but it's actually happening.  Who da' thunk!?  Now of course the real truth will come to surface when I see an actual sale.  I'll let you know how the public responds to my jewelry.

Earrings:  Bronze and Crystal
Thank you for reading along with me as I explore a new career.  Linda

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