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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Displays for Art and Craft Fairs

'Energy follows thought.'  author unknown

I've been thinking about the displays that are needed for my art and craft fairs that are on my to do list.  There has been way to much over thinking on my part going on.  The displays need to be functional, but also unique, something that will catch the eye, but not distract from the jewelry, and not cost me an arm and a leg.  I found a few things and not in the typical display catalogs or web-sites.  This past weekend I ventured into Charlotte's thrift store.  There in the 2 large rooms were tons and tons of old stuff, used stuff, discarded and unwanted stuff.  I started to explore and found a couple of old table top shelves and a couple of stands.  There are hearts cut out.  Not at all my style, but the symbolism is nice and why not add some love.

Yes, that's snow on my deck in March...hmmm

After taking the above picture, these 2 plant stands remind me of the old school house desks.  You know, how they stacked and the student sat on the front of the desk that was behind them?  These plant stands will be perfect after I add a coat of paint.  Then a couple of necklace busts will display nicely.

More shelves needing some paint and imagination
I started chatting with Terry, Charlotte's husband about what I was looking for so he could keep me in mind if something came into the shop that I'd like.   He could tell Charlotte and Charlotte could tell my sister Sandy, who could tell me....ah, how we communicate in a small town.  The next thing I know, Charlotte is inviting me into the back room that's not open to the public.  There hidden under piles and piles of stuff is this beauty of a jewelry display rack.  It has lots of hooks for hanging cards with jewelry and it revolves!

Yes, it does need to be hosed down and scrubbed.  And, the labels need to come off and replaced with my blatant advertising.  But for $6.00 it's 'such a deal'.

Out in my shed is an old wooden bi-fold louver door.  Some paint and it will be ready for tent cards with earrings.   Now to make more jewelry.

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  1. Linda, I definitely have to come for a visit! I have to see Charlotte's thrift store and all your new jewelry!


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