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Friday, February 11, 2011

Yummy New Book: "Wire Style 2"

Earlier this week I received the newly published book from Interweave "Wire Style 2" by Denise Peck.  Since it wouldn't fit into my post office box, I had to ask the man behind the counter for my package.  I was so excited about receiving this gem that the nice man gave me a puzzled look and a grin at my enthusiasm.  I am hoping he is a book lover as much as I am and wasn't thinking 'Oh boy!  A crazy women!'  I'm going with book lover.

I could hardly restrain myself from tearing into the packaging and start looking at the book in my vehicle that was parked out front.  But I maintained my composure.  After all, I now live in a small town and I might become the topic of conversation.  Not an image I'm wanting to portray.  But if you are one of my like minded friends who adore books, especially when it's about your personal passion , well you know what I was going through emotionally.

When I arrived home I grabbed a cup of coffee, a throw blanket for my lap and my yummy new book.  Awhhh!  With each page that I turned, the book and the projects continued to get better and better.  I want to make everything!  The dusting and vacuuming will need to wait.  Meals will be delivered or micro-waved, as I immerse myself in my obsession.

Created by:  Cindy Wimmer

The jewelry artist in "Wire Style 2" are the best and I am delighted to say that I know Cindy Wimmer on a personal level and Lorelei Eurto and Kerry Bogert are friends from their blogs and our Facebook connections.  Here are the links to their blogs.  You won't be disappointed when you visit them in the Internet sky: Cindy Wimmer at http://www.sweetbeadstudio.com/http://www.lorelei1141.blogspot.com/, and Kerry Bogert at www.kabsconcepts.blogspot.com.

Created by: Cindy Wimmer

There is a bonus inside this delicious book.  Inside the back cover is a DVD where Denise Peck teaches you to make all of the techniques that are used.  I am especially thrilled with her excellent instruction for using a kitchen torch to make balled head pins.  Now I need to buy a torch.  Oh, darn!  Now I need to shop!.

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