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Friday, February 4, 2011

Tumbler Learning Experience

 Can you spot the difference?  A lot of changes have happened to what are 2 simular pair of earrings. They are both made from copper wire and the same color of field stone bead.

The orginals, top picture, were made with twisted wire that I made by twisting 2 strands of wire together.

The second pair, bottom picture, were made with a single strand of the same gauge of wire and the same field stone bead.  In addition, this pair of earrings was placed in the tumbler.  Besides hardening and polishing the wire, which was my goal, the bead has lost some of its color. 
Since this bead is a rather inexpensive bead and light in color it really hasn't bothered me, but it is noticable.
I should have known better.  A few years ago I placed a sterling silver and time extensive bracelet in the tumbler.  The wire turned out perfect, however every bead lost most of their color.  It was a frustrating and expensive learning experience.
The moral of the story?  Don't tumbler color enhanced beads or stones.  Yes, I do know better.  It must have been a blonde moment!

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