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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Signs of Spring

Sadie was barking, which is her way to communicate to me.  As she gets older she has become more verbal, especially  when she wants a walk, a treat, help getting up on the sofa or dinner.  It doesn't matter, as with today, if I'm recovering from a cold.  Like so many moms of children, my girl Shih Zhu, Sadie must be attended to, whether I'm sick or well.  So I bundled up to keep this head cold warm, put her sweater and leash on her and out into the drizzling rain and snow flurries we went.

While she decided to take her good old time and smell everything, I struggled to keep my patience, all the while hoping she would complete the task at hand.  While I waited I glanced at the flower bed near the studio door.  I wondered when the 4 rose bushes would start to turn green.  As I dazed at the debris in the garden I saw purple.  'What type of weed would grow and bloom now?"  As I looked closer at the 'weeds' I recognized the blooms of crocus.   (Insert happy dance!)

I took Sadie back inside and dried her off.  I went and grabbed my camera to snap these pictures to remind us all that even though there are snow flurries mixed with rain, there are beautiful signs of spring, if we only take the time to look. 

Spring will be here on March 20th, just 25 days from today.


  1. Wow, already buds blooming there??! So hard to believe. I've seen a few starting to come up here as well. We're in the midst of this cold spell though now. Your Sadie is a sweetie. Now that Hodgie is 15, he never ever seems to bark anymore. I think it's because his hearing is so poor.

  2. Sadie will be 15 his June. She was never a barker until her seniorness. Maybe Hodgie knows that she's barking for him. These two sweeties need to meet and have a December - December romance. ;^)


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