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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Packaging

Today, I received my order from Papermart.  I am so excited!  Everything is just as I wanted.  The colors, quality, sizes are all perfect.  It's been a while since I ordered packaging materials and I finally got down to the bottom and knew that I needed to restock. 

I thought I'd go with the same colors and packaging as my previous order, but, my original vendor seems to have vanished.  So I choose to order from Papermart.  Since this was my first time ordering from them I took a few precautions.  First, I checked around with my jewelry blogging friends to see who they used.  Lori Anderson was kind and generous with her information about Papermart.  Second, I only ordered a minimum order.  But, since I have seen and touched them, I will now order a larger supply.

I choose my colors and textures based on what I thought you would love and what would be pretty on your vanity or dresser.  Plus, it would help you with gift giving, since the jewelry is wrapped already.  The boxes are for my necklace orders.  They are in a sapphire blue.  To think I almost ordered a different color, but couldn't because they were out of stock.  Thank goodness, because these  are beautiful.  There are two sizes of satin bags.  The hot pink is really passionate and is perfect for bracelet orders.  The turquoise blue makes me happy and will be used for earring orders.

Thank you for reading about my happy colors.  I hope that you like them.  Linda

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