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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Show in West Virginia

I am flattered and grateful!  A local art and craft show promoter called me to see if  I would be interested  in being a vendor for an event scheduled for April.  Of course!  How did they find me?  The local newspaper 'The Advocate'.  I love these people.  Did I ever mention that the house I bought was from the owners of 'The Advocate'.  Hmmm,  how'd that happen?

The details of the art and craft show are still coming to me, so I can't really elaborate.  I do know that a lot of advertising is planned and budgeted.  I think one of the real advantages of this event is the location.  It is planned to be held at a large popular steak house in Elkins, WV in their new event room.  So those lovely diners can mosey over to the show when they are finished their meal.  And of course, after the show I'll be moseying over for my meal.

Here are some of the goodies I plan on taking to the show:

I'll be extra busy in the next few weeks with completing my inventory.  Plus I have to paint my folding louver doors from my new yard sale find.  I'm planning on using it for earrings on cards.  I'll post pictures as my to do list unfolds and is completed.

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