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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Packaging

Today, I received my order from Papermart.  I am so excited!  Everything is just as I wanted.  The colors, quality, sizes are all perfect.  It's been a while since I ordered packaging materials and I finally got down to the bottom and knew that I needed to restock. 

I thought I'd go with the same colors and packaging as my previous order, but, my original vendor seems to have vanished.  So I choose to order from Papermart.  Since this was my first time ordering from them I took a few precautions.  First, I checked around with my jewelry blogging friends to see who they used.  Lori Anderson was kind and generous with her information about Papermart.  Second, I only ordered a minimum order.  But, since I have seen and touched them, I will now order a larger supply.

I choose my colors and textures based on what I thought you would love and what would be pretty on your vanity or dresser.  Plus, it would help you with gift giving, since the jewelry is wrapped already.  The boxes are for my necklace orders.  They are in a sapphire blue.  To think I almost ordered a different color, but couldn't because they were out of stock.  Thank goodness, because these  are beautiful.  There are two sizes of satin bags.  The hot pink is really passionate and is perfect for bracelet orders.  The turquoise blue makes me happy and will be used for earring orders.

Thank you for reading about my happy colors.  I hope that you like them.  Linda

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lights Out On The Mountain

The electricity went out last night - again!  I am adjusting to my new environment and life style here in the Appalachian Mountains.  The power goes out frequently and for extended periods of time.  It's not that electric company is doing anything wrong.  It's nature.  Lots and lots of nature.  A tree or branch can fall on a power line deep in the forest. Yes, my home is surrounded by the Monongahela National Forest.  So it takes the power crews some time to locate the source.  In the meantime, plan B is used with battery powered lamps.  If it takes too long to be restored and the house gets a chill, I need to setup the propane heater.

I was sitting on the living room floor with my portable studio, listening to the television.  When silence and complete darkness filled the room.  It was startling!  I was engrossed in wire wrapping.  I was in a Zen moment.  When it goes dark here, it goes really dark.  There aren't other lite communities to spread a bit of light, no major highways with car lights.  Even the stars and the moon were hidden behind snow clouds.  So I walked, carefully, to my night stand where I keep one of my battery lamps, then gathered up a couple more lights and went back to wire wrapping.

I found humor in my obsession and went for the camera.  I really didn't think I would be able to capture a picture, but I am surprised.  Here's where I play when I'm not in the actual studio.

I've been reading my blogger friends posts and they have been showing their work areas and thought I'd join in and describe what is going on in last nights work space.  In the below picture I used the flash, so it's a bit clearer.

Here's how I work at my portable studio, aka serving tray.  The tray keeps 'most' of the wire and beads from taking up housing on my floor.  Here I've added 3 battery powered lamps, which were not enough light to work well.  Talk about working in the dark!  A glass of orange juice, because I'm encouraging a cold to leave my body.  In the tray is part of a plastic card that I use to slide between coils to open them for cutting; then split ring pliers with red handles, that are used for the same purpose; orange handled heavy duty wire cutters for 16 gauge and thicker wire; blue Lindstrom chain nose for just about everything; black fine point sharpie for marking pliers to make consistent size loops; under these are black handled small step pliers for tiny loops; blue handled flush cutters for 18 gauge and smaller wire; under them are red handled flat nose pliers for a second pair of hands and my U turn loops; red and black handled short round nose pliers for loops; in front of these is a 6" metal ruler, a must for measuring wire; on the edge is about a pound of 20 gauge copper wire; and my head piece thingy, oh, so attractive! So I can see those tiny details.  In the tray are some successes and failures.  I was experimenting, err designing, a pair of large loop earrings.  In my head they are wonderful.  In reality - not so much!  There are some coils of wire that have some jump rings cut and ready.  There are many spirals of different sizes and gauges of wire.  I finally made a decision on the size and they are being made into linked earrings.  I like these and will have a picture for you soon.

Yes, the lights came on in about two hours, but by then I had put down the wire and picked up a novel.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Signs of Spring

Sadie was barking, which is her way to communicate to me.  As she gets older she has become more verbal, especially  when she wants a walk, a treat, help getting up on the sofa or dinner.  It doesn't matter, as with today, if I'm recovering from a cold.  Like so many moms of children, my girl Shih Zhu, Sadie must be attended to, whether I'm sick or well.  So I bundled up to keep this head cold warm, put her sweater and leash on her and out into the drizzling rain and snow flurries we went.

While she decided to take her good old time and smell everything, I struggled to keep my patience, all the while hoping she would complete the task at hand.  While I waited I glanced at the flower bed near the studio door.  I wondered when the 4 rose bushes would start to turn green.  As I dazed at the debris in the garden I saw purple.  'What type of weed would grow and bloom now?"  As I looked closer at the 'weeds' I recognized the blooms of crocus.   (Insert happy dance!)

I took Sadie back inside and dried her off.  I went and grabbed my camera to snap these pictures to remind us all that even though there are snow flurries mixed with rain, there are beautiful signs of spring, if we only take the time to look. 

Spring will be here on March 20th, just 25 days from today.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Show in West Virginia

I am flattered and grateful!  A local art and craft show promoter called me to see if  I would be interested  in being a vendor for an event scheduled for April.  Of course!  How did they find me?  The local newspaper 'The Advocate'.  I love these people.  Did I ever mention that the house I bought was from the owners of 'The Advocate'.  Hmmm,  how'd that happen?

The details of the art and craft show are still coming to me, so I can't really elaborate.  I do know that a lot of advertising is planned and budgeted.  I think one of the real advantages of this event is the location.  It is planned to be held at a large popular steak house in Elkins, WV in their new event room.  So those lovely diners can mosey over to the show when they are finished their meal.  And of course, after the show I'll be moseying over for my meal.

Here are some of the goodies I plan on taking to the show:

I'll be extra busy in the next few weeks with completing my inventory.  Plus I have to paint my folding louver doors from my new yard sale find.  I'm planning on using it for earrings on cards.  I'll post pictures as my to do list unfolds and is completed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Invitation to be a Contributing Writer

Who'da thunk!  I am now a contributing writer for another blog www.createtucker.wordpress.com  I received a telephone call from Katie Griffith, the coordinator for the blog asking me if I would be interested in being one of the writers.  I was flabbergasted!  The other writers are all very successful and deeply immersed in the arts community.
Why me?  How did she find  me?  Questions, questions, questions.  Somehow my name came up at the local newspaper.  That's right!  The newspaper!  It turns out that 'the Advocate' is behind this blog.  One thing lead to another and here I am.  No!  I am not a professional writer.  I do like to talk and talk a lot!  So I usually put my conversation into key strokes, then go back and re-read and edit, edit, edit.  Asking questions along the way.  Such as, is that sentence too long? (I seem to love paragraph sentences), How do you spell that?, Did that make sense?  Just how many commas should I use and where on earth should I put them?  So now I write this blog for me and over time I have gained a readership.  And you don't seem to mind my lack of grammarship. Why can't spell check find this?  I do love to make up words!  On a personal note I must chuckle and look, back at my creative writing professor and his hurtful comments.  I have a sense of satisfaction, as I continue to chuckle.

So back to my writing for another blog. Here's what the Create Tucker about page says:  (better words than mine)
'Welcome to CreateTucker — an online community dedicated to all things Arts-related in Tucker County, West Virginia. This blog, in conjunction with the Parsons Advocate, aims to create a place for discussion about the Arts and Music scene in and around Tucker County.'
I think a lot of readers no  matter where you live will gain some insights and value from reading the blog posts.  I've already published an article about Hertiage House an art co-op.  My next post will appear this Sunday, when I aim to open a discussion on 'Inspiration and Creativity'

Thank you for listening and reading. Have a joy filled and creative day!  Linda

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Thank you Lea Gilbert for letting us share your daughter's gorgeous wedding picture
 When I saw this wedding picture on my friend Lea's Facebook page I thought is was from a magazine.  She was kind enough to let me publish it here for Valentines Day.  How perfectly the reds match, down to the grooms shoes and the brides hair.  How fantastic the brides ink is!  And the pose is oh, so romantic.

Who do you love?  Every day should be Valentines Day, but today is full of extroverted LOVE. 

Here's a pictures of some sweets for the sweethearts in my life...my wonderful family!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yummy New Book: "Wire Style 2"

Earlier this week I received the newly published book from Interweave "Wire Style 2" by Denise Peck.  Since it wouldn't fit into my post office box, I had to ask the man behind the counter for my package.  I was so excited about receiving this gem that the nice man gave me a puzzled look and a grin at my enthusiasm.  I am hoping he is a book lover as much as I am and wasn't thinking 'Oh boy!  A crazy women!'  I'm going with book lover.

I could hardly restrain myself from tearing into the packaging and start looking at the book in my vehicle that was parked out front.  But I maintained my composure.  After all, I now live in a small town and I might become the topic of conversation.  Not an image I'm wanting to portray.  But if you are one of my like minded friends who adore books, especially when it's about your personal passion , well you know what I was going through emotionally.

When I arrived home I grabbed a cup of coffee, a throw blanket for my lap and my yummy new book.  Awhhh!  With each page that I turned, the book and the projects continued to get better and better.  I want to make everything!  The dusting and vacuuming will need to wait.  Meals will be delivered or micro-waved, as I immerse myself in my obsession.

Created by:  Cindy Wimmer

The jewelry artist in "Wire Style 2" are the best and I am delighted to say that I know Cindy Wimmer on a personal level and Lorelei Eurto and Kerry Bogert are friends from their blogs and our Facebook connections.  Here are the links to their blogs.  You won't be disappointed when you visit them in the Internet sky: Cindy Wimmer at http://www.sweetbeadstudio.com/http://www.lorelei1141.blogspot.com/, and Kerry Bogert at www.kabsconcepts.blogspot.com.

Created by: Cindy Wimmer

There is a bonus inside this delicious book.  Inside the back cover is a DVD where Denise Peck teaches you to make all of the techniques that are used.  I am especially thrilled with her excellent instruction for using a kitchen torch to make balled head pins.  Now I need to buy a torch.  Oh, darn!  Now I need to shop!.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tumbler Learning Experience

 Can you spot the difference?  A lot of changes have happened to what are 2 simular pair of earrings. They are both made from copper wire and the same color of field stone bead.

The orginals, top picture, were made with twisted wire that I made by twisting 2 strands of wire together.

The second pair, bottom picture, were made with a single strand of the same gauge of wire and the same field stone bead.  In addition, this pair of earrings was placed in the tumbler.  Besides hardening and polishing the wire, which was my goal, the bead has lost some of its color. 
Since this bead is a rather inexpensive bead and light in color it really hasn't bothered me, but it is noticable.
I should have known better.  A few years ago I placed a sterling silver and time extensive bracelet in the tumbler.  The wire turned out perfect, however every bead lost most of their color.  It was a frustrating and expensive learning experience.
The moral of the story?  Don't tumbler color enhanced beads or stones.  Yes, I do know better.  It must have been a blonde moment!