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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Superman Lights Up Studio

Since I moved into my new home and studio, last July, the studio has been a bit dark.  Two floor lamps have been keeping me company and doing a fair job of lighting my space.  But, today that has all changed.  I can no longer blame any jewelry mistakes on the lack of light! 

Ron, aka Superman, my brother-in-law has installed two sets of track lighting in the studio.  One set over each of the interior doors.  Wow!  What a difference.  As you can see from the pictures, the wires still need to be hidden.  I'll take a hike over to Lowe's.  They have this nifty cord hiding channel thingy that glues to the wall and the electrical cords are hidden out of sight. 

The house was full with my sister, niece and great niece, so Sadie, who loves her privacy, stayed nestled in one of her beds.  Yes, I said beds.  Sadie is a bit spoiled with two beds, the sofa and of course my bed that she claims at her will.

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