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Monday, January 3, 2011

Loving Open Heart

I absolutely love this heart design.  I found it in a magazine somewhere, originally designed by Sharilyn Miller.  I've put my own spin on it, by adding a bail and a few extra twists of wire and sometimes a few pretty beads.  Sometimes, as with this one, I leave the beauty of the copper wire to shine through and others are antiqued, to add depth to those nooks and crannies.  Then my hammer gives each a bit of texture. It seems like each time I make one it comes out with it's own personality.  I teach classes on this heart pendant and students always make a wonderful heart and again with their own special touches.

I've been inspired to make more hearts, most likely because of Valentines Day.  I'm planning on making some from my new love of bronze wire and of course silver wire.  I want to experiment with some earrings.  If I can get my hands to form smaller hearts.  I'll give you a peak at them, as they begin to take shape.

Now I need to get this Loving Open Heart posted to my on line shop at http://www.artyzenstudio.etsy.com/  I think that $20 is a reasonable price, with free shipping.  This heart  pendant is 2" wide and 2 3/8" high.  I think it's a nice size for your tee shirts or sweaters.  Any bigger and I think people would stare way to much and not look at your pretty eyes or smile.  The bail has an inside diameter of 1/4" so you can change out the neck cording to match your outfit. The first 'prototype' that I made was e-mong-gus.  I still have it.  Perhaps one day I'll meet an 8 foot tall women. ;^)

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