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Monday, January 10, 2011

Evolution Of The Creative Process

How does our mind take a thought or idea and expand it into something else?  We are amazing humans. 

This big thought came to the fore front of my mind when a necklace that I made began to reshape and turn into another design.  The SciFi folks call this shape shifting.  The art folks call it creative.  It looks to me like a creative idea can continue to evolve and re-create perhaps endlessly.  I find it fascinating.  I want to explore this creative evolution even further.


Here's what's happened; I made a heart necklace, in silver with 5 identical hearts as the focal point.  As I looked at it, a strong thought landed in my mind.  I wanted to only have 3 hearts and the center heart should be larger than the two flanking hearts.  I also wanted it to be in bronze and with crystals.  So I began the measuring and shaping of the larger center heart.  At first it was too narrow and simply didn't look like the other 2 hearts, repeatedly, I adjusted my measurements and the position where I placed the beginning of the wire in my round nose pliers.  After several attempts I was satisfied with the larger heart.  I then proceeded to write the measurements and directions down, so I wouldn't forget.  I've done that before, where I've tried to recreate something, but forgot the instructions.  Not a happy time when that happens! 

Since I didn't have bead caps, twisted jump rings or headpins in bronze I had to make them from my wire.  I changed the fresh water pearl to a happy rondel crystal.  What a difference!  Even though the 2 necklaces are similar, there is a distinct and unique personality to each of these necklaces.

Now my mind wants me to go forward and tweak this design again.  I feel strongly that the back of the necklace should be changed from wire wrapped crystals to a chain or cording.  The creative process of this one design keeps evolving.  I have a wonderful and satisfying sense about this process.  I'm wondering how far I can evolve this one design and can I continue this creative process with other designs?

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