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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow, Santa and Sadie

Yesterday, I finished the Christmas touches on the outside and inside of the house.  My first Christmas here in the mountains.

My studio door is to the left.  If you look outside you'll see the beginnings of a snow storm.

What a beautiful and perfect day!  It's snowing! The weather dude says 2" to 4".  It's time for my snow boots and for the long handled brush to go into my vehicle.

Sadie is not thrilled about getting her feet wet and cold.

Here's a picture of the outside Christmas decorations.  The wreaths, bushes, gutters, coil trees light up.  That makes me happy.

There's Sadie looking at the snow flakes coming down. 
Right now the snow is really coming down. I just came back inside from walking Sadie. Only 5 minutes ago there were only a few flakes. Whew! Perfect timing!  Sorry I don't have a picture of the current big flakes, but it's cold out there, but it's really pretty to watch from inside where it's warm and cozy.


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