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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo Kit Held Hostage

My new Cowboy Studio table top photography kit is being held hostage at UPS.  According to the voice on the phone, the ransom note, err postcard with release information was mailed to me.

Now think about this, I said to the voice on the phone.  If the package can't be delivered because the address is incorrect, how is the post card going to be delivered?  Geeish!  Where were they when they handed out common sense?  The voice said a verbal change of address isn't an 'option' without the reference number on the card.  I repeated to the voice; 'You mean the card that was mailed to the incorrect address?'  A quite 'oh' came from the voice.

Breathe!  It will all work out I said to myself.  But the little kid inside of me wants her photo kit NOW!    I am certain that the good folks at Cowboy Studios will make a call and agree to the terms on the ransom note, err postcard and get my photo kit delivered to my studio safely.  I really want to get some pictures taken so I can post my new pieces for you all to check out.  There's still way too much snow outside for me to venture out for a decent photo session.  Burrrr.

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