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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Photography Studio and Unoxidized Copper Earrings

Today, I finally made time to test my new Cowboy photography studio.  It came complete with several colors of background cloths, each with there own set of creases.  I went searching for my iron and ironing board, figured out how to set the board up and dusted it off.  Do people still iron?  Well, those creases were very stubborn.  Since the background cloths are plastic I decided it would be wise to put a kitchen towel on top.  But the creases were still there. Grrrr.  So, I took a couple layers of wet paper towels and laid them on top of the kitchen towel.  The first attempt failed, the second attempt showed progress and finally the background cloth was acceptable. I win! 

No adjustments from my PC

Light adjusted from my PC

I set the table top studio on my student table and placed the lights around the outside.  Then tried to figure out how to set up the funky easel that came with the studio and then attached my camera.  I set the settings on close up and turned off the flash.

I have been working on some hoop earrings, so I have used them for my first experiment.  The earrings are not complete.  I still need to file some ends, give them a bath in liver of sulphur, polish with steel wool and give them a ride in the tumbler.  For now the picture shows 16 ga copper that was hammered and textured and wrapped around a 7/8" wooden dowel, with handcrafted earwires and jump rings.  I'll post a picture of the completed earrings as soon as they are ready.

In the picture below I used a piece of scrapbook paper as the back ground.  I love the blues with copper.

No adjustments from my PC

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