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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Learning To Photograph Jewelry

I found this video on jewelry photography on YouTube.  It's terrific!  There's a part 2 that I haven't down loaded, because I'm technically challenged, but you can find it on http://www.youtube.com/ by searching jewelry photography, or search table top photography.  I am in the very early stage of learning and thought I would write about my learning curve here in blog land. Maybe, someone else would benefit from my quest. And so I have found http://www.youtube.com/ to be a terrific place for free tutorials on photography. They are of course trying to sell their products and I'm not here to endorse. In fact I think there are less expensive table top photo studios out there for sale.  I will write about the prices I find later, as well as the one I will eventually purchase. So look for more posts on this subject during the next few weeks. I'm planning on a Christmas gift of a table top photo studio from me to me.   Just a hint of prices, I'm heading for less than $50 for a complete setup that includes the lights. I've seen similar setups for several hundred dollars. I figure I'll go with the less expensive, especially during my initial learning adventure.  Years ago, I bought a table top photo box.  It worked pretty well.  Then I packed up my world and moved.  Somewhere, somehow, my table top box didn't make the move. So my quest for more knowlege and equipment is on my goal list.

If you've looked at my pictures here on my blog or on my on line shop, you may have thought 'not bad', or perhaps 'not so good'. That's because I'm not a professional photographer. The whole process mystifies me. I've often wondered why the background of a picture is blue when I shot the piece of jewelry on a white table cloth.

When I moved to my new home and studio here in the Appalachian mountains I was delighted to see how well my pictures were turning out. They were taken outside on my covered porch with natural light. I thought I hit the lottery. Until.....the snow started to come down and down and down. So outside photography became very wet and very cold. And so I began to think, perhaps I needed to learn more about photography. As Olivia age 3, my great niece would say '"I don't want to!".   I have no real interest other than capturing memories and happy moments and of course pictures of my jewelry to show to you and to those who buy my jewelry. So it now has become a necessity.

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