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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Decision for a Table Top Photography Kit

Boy, it was a challenge trying to actually order a table top photography kit.  I finally made my decision based on an easy checkout process and of course the cost.  Oh, yeah and I love the name, it's a  Cowboy Studio.  I think it's fun.  I play an accountant in real life, so deciding on a purchase based on it's name is not logical.  But, other common sense information did factor into my decision. 

Through my time spent researching on the internet, I found what appears to be the exact same setup sold under several different names.  Cowboy Studio, LS, Sunpak, Square Perfect and Digital Concepts kits look the same to me.  The difference varies with the price, some descriptions are vague, and the shipping costs can be expensive.  Some were less expensive than the Cowboy Studio, but when I added the shipping fees to the other places there were often some expensive surprises.  I was getting more and more frustrated with each web site.  Finally at Cowboy Studio, the price for the product was a bit higher, but the shipping was lower and the deciding factor for me was the ease with checkout.  I just loved it when I saw they accepted Paypal.  Whenever someone buys my jewelry, their purchase money goes into my Paypal account and then I use that money for most of my purchases.

The kit comes with a soft tent (box), 2 lights, a device to hold my camera and a carrying case. I did decide on the smaller 16" x 16" table top photo kit for $48.23.  Since I will be using it for jewelry, I really don't need anything larger.  Plus this size will cost me less money.  When I receive my new photography kit I'll test it out and post some results.  I will no longer need to go outside to my snow covered porch to take picture...ahhhh.

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