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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Resin My New Material and Approach for 2011

Recently, I read a blog post from Create Tucker titled 'Whats New With You?  They raised the question to artists and artisans “What new material or approach are you planning to explore in 2011?”  Well, that made me think that perhaps its time to explore an art medium outside of my wire and metal box.  I love to experiment, especially with jewelry.

I love to look at other jewelry artists creations and the materials that they use.  I have become inspired with the resin pieces some of my wonderful colleagues are creating.  They are truly beautiful.  It gave me the thought of incorporating my wire designs with resin pieces.  The ideas seem endless.

The DVD "Exploring Resin Jewelry Making" with Susan Lenart Kazmer is excellent!  Susan explains and shows all the details needed to work with Ice Resin.  This DVD has many techniques and left me feeling confident that I could achieve unique and positive results with this medium.  You can order this DVD from Fundametals.net.

The book 'Beyond the Bead' by Margot Potter has been in my library for over a year.  And the cover pair of earrings has inspired me.  Margot uses Diamond Glaze to coat and protect her image that is placed on chipboard.  However, I have been reading the blog  Something Sublime by Deryn Mentock.  Who by the way does breath taking jewelry.  Deryn uses Ice Resin for her work.  She has a video tutorial on how to use it on her blog a http://somethingsublime.typepad.com/something_sublime_from_th/2010/11/ice-chips-ice-resin-1-ounce-application.html

Of course, I have ordered ice resin from Fundametals.net and it is now sitting patiently in my studio.  This morning I ordered some chipboard disks from The Moon Glade Garden on Etsy.  As soon as I receive them I'll have what I need to start to play and see how I like the new medium.  As my experiments unfold, I'll post pictures, with my successes and yes my blunders, here on my blog.  Wish me luck!

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