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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Wire Wrapped Leather Ends Tutorial From Erin Siegel

I'm so excited!  One of my blogging buddies, Erin Siegel has posted a  free wire wrapped leather ends tutorial.  This tutorial is very clearly written with lots of excellent pictures to follow.  All you will need is a desire to learn, some wire and a piece of leather and you will be able to make this fantastic necklace cord, or shorten it for a bracelet.  Then add a charm or a pendant and 'tah dah!'  you'll have a piece of hand crafted jewelry. Hmmm, I think I have some purple leather in my stash...ideas, ideas!

Erin and Lorelei  are in a creating frenzy.  They each have their own blog, but now they have jointly created a new blog called Jewelry Accord  and it is fab-you-lus!  I know that I will be reading it on a regular basis and I won't be missing any of their posts.

Oh, and here's some more exciting news from Erin  "We will be doing a giveaway coming up this week! thank you!"  Now, that got my attention!  How about you?

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