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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Artyzen License Plate & How I Named My Studio

A few weeks ago I finally registered my vehicle for my new home state of West Virginia.  Since I had a vanity tag in Virginia I decided to do the same here.  I was given a 'loaner' tag to use until my official tag arrived.  I finally received my new tag.  I am thrilled.

I came up with the name for my tag and studio a few years ago.  I had wanted a vanity tag for years, but nothing felt right.  One day I was leaving my work and Zen popped into my thoughts.  I thought 'hey, that's a good word for the end of a word, because it sounds like 'san'.  So for days  I played with words that had that sound on the end.  Then driving down the road it came to me 'artisan'.  Of course!  It's so logical.  How could I not have thought of it?  Why did it take so long?  

So I ordered a tag when I lived in Virginia, but it had a hyphen.  Now in West Virginia there isn't a hyphen.  I think it's very symbolic.  It's as if the hyphen said  'almost'.  The Art and the Zen being sorta' connected. Now my physical creative self is connected to my spiritual self.  It says 'complete and ready'.

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