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Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Fairs and 2011 Schedule

Now is the time to get my calendar setup for next year for the art fairs that I want to participate.  This is a huge deal because there are applications, jewelry to submit to their jury panels, in-order to be accepted and then all the planning, organizing and of course inventory to make.

A Booth at the Buckwheat Festival
Last Sunday I went to Buckhannon, WV to scope out the fair at the National Guard Armory.  My sister, niece and I piled into my vehicle for a road trip and a girl day.  You know...shopping and eating.   I was happily surprised at the size of the fair and for the full parking lot.  As we walked around looking at so much eye candy, I was doing a bit more than shopping.  I wanted to see if their were tons of jewelry vendors and if they did wire and metal.  There were 2 jewelry vendors and our styles are very different.  This is fantastic news.  I spoke with folks running 3 different booths.  Or I should say they spoke with me.  When I mentioned  that I would be having a booth next year they welcomed me with open arms.  I felt like I was immediately part of their extended family.  They all volunteered information of the successful fairs in the area, like the Buckwheat Festival and the Appalachian Festival.  One lovely lady told me about a terrific shop that would take my items on consignment. 

Appalachian Festival

When I got on the internet to check out their leads I was thrilled with what I found.  There is this fantastic list of fairs in this area.  So now to get busy and start collecting applications.  Over the next few months I'll keep you up to date on my progress and on the jewelry I'll make for these shows.

Appalachian Festival

Appalachian Festival
On our way home we were laughing so much that I didn't slow down when the speed limit changed, while coming into town. There was this mysterious flashing light off to the side of the road. You guessed it! They got me. For some reason we gals kept laughing, as I pulled over. He wasn't a local county police officer. He was the State police. Yikes! These guys are so darn serious. Good news! My sister knew him (It's a very small town). He turned out to be very nice and asked if he should give me a breathalyzer test. I think because we were laughing. Most folks would typically be serious.  No I didn't get a test, but he did give me a warning ticket. Whew! He said I was going a little hot! So now I can say I got a ticket for speeding on a mountain road. Dah! I won't do that again.

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