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Friday, November 12, 2010

Took Jewelry To Mountain Made Gallery Today

Whew!  Boy am I glad this is done!  I took 7 pieces of jewelry to Mountain Made Gallery today.  It will take part in their jury process starting on Monday.  Getting everything ready was making me crazy.  After all, other artists will be examining each and every piece, every link, every jump ring.....breathe....

Today I took the 6 pieces (Pictures) I had selected (yes it says 7 earlier) and pinned them on velvet display panels, plus a business card and an anti-tarnish strip to each panel.  Stacked them in a box.  Put all the associated pictures, descriptions and the jury application form in a folder.  Then I drove them up the mountain to Mountain Made.  Heidi, the shop keeper is wonderful and accepted them from me.  She commented on the bracelet I was wearing.  I mentioned that it was made from bronze wire.  Before I knew it, she was suggesting that I submit the bracelet.  So, off it came and into the box with the other pieces.  How wonderful.  I hope the judges feel the same way.

 When I left their studio and walked to my vehicle I heard a roster somewhere in the woods outback.  I am still adjusting to being here in the mountains, so when a roster speaks I smile and inside there's a giggle.  How refreshing.  When I looked around I noticed that there was snow on the hills.  Mountain Made is in Thomas, WV.  Even tho it's only 20 minutes from my home, it's an up hill/mountain drive, so the elevation is quite a bit higher.  They get lots of snow.  They are also, just minutes from Timberline and Canaan Valley Ski Resorts.

I'll be getting a phone call sometime late next week to let me know what they think and if they except my jewelry into the gallery.....breathe....


  1. I am glad to hear that they will let you know by next week. That's not too long of a wait, but I can imagine the waiting will be hard!!

  2. Hi Jeanette, I'll keep you up to date and let you know as soon as they tell me. Thank you again for being a wonderful friend and perfect wire and metal teacher. - Linda


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