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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mountain Made Gallery Juriors Accepted My Jewelry - Yippee!

From my previous post you may remember that I submitted 7 pieces to Mountain Made Gallery for their jury process.  This past Tuesday I received a letter in the mail from Mountain Made. I was afraid to open it.  But, that fear quickly disappeared.  I have been accepted! YIPPEE! My feet wouldn't touch the ground. I'm still amazed. There is a contract to sign to have my work placed in their retail gallery and on their web-site, along with other documents to let them know that I'm interested in there other functions. They do fundraising events, demonstrations, workshops, wine and food tasting events, and art receptions. It's going to be so much fun!

I want to thank Jeanette Blix Ryan for being the worlds best teacher!  Without her guidance I would still be spending my spare time looking for my bliss.  She taught me so many remarkable wire and metal techniques and helped me to build my skills confidence.  I really can write volumns about her and her fantastic wire and metal jewelry talents and of course her excellent ability to teach and communicate. Besides being a fantastic artist, she is Fundametals a wonderful web-based resource for tools and supplies, and on top of all of that she is co-creator of  ArtBliss Workshops.

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  1. Yeah, I am so excited for you!!!!! Very sweet to give me some credit but you would have gotten here without me:) Congrats!


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