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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Linda's Snowman Factory

Would you like a pair for FREE? I'm going to give away 10 pair of snowman earrings to the first 10 people that guess how many their are in this picture. You don't even need to guess correctly.  Just comment with a guesstimate, either on Facebook or my blog.  And, yes you can play even if you have already won something from my blog before.  It's Christmas after all.  Each snowman is attached to surgical steel ear wires and can also be found in my on line store.  Great for a gift, plus can be worn all winter long.

Today I really wanted to make a unique piece of jewelry.  You know, the spiral, coil, wrap, hammer type.  I simply could not get into it.  No bead or wire inspired me.  No book, blog or magazine could help to break my mood.  Yet, I wanted those pliers in my hands.  So I decided to use up all of my red crystal roundels and make a few snowman earrings.

These guys all jumped into this crystal candy dish.  So much fun.  This dish brings back a very happy time in my life.  My boss at the time gave all the women in the office a blue box - yes that blue box, with this lovely inside.
These guys are in need of a home...what is your guesstimate?

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